Desert Dwellers

Deserts. Many when they think of deserts just think of the heat, maybe camels, mirages of water, and the seemingly never ending hills of sand. But there are people and animals that thrive in those areas.

Survival of the fittest…

According to the WWF website, the plants and animals that live here are able to live in these barren areas on scarce amount of water. For example, the beloved household plant, the cactus soaks up water from the rare rainfalls and is able to store it for months. Animals gain enough water from the food they eat and actually conserve the energy for when they really need it.


(Source of picture: Tuareg)

There are villages of people who live in in desert regions and in the Sahara Desert, the Tuareg people are a mainly Muslim population comprising of 2 million individuals.

Blue Men

They have another name and this is “the blue men”. This is because of the veils they wear to protect themselves from the burning desert sun and sand. They speak the language Tamashek, and this language is also spoke in Algeria and Mali.

Interesting fact for you, the name Tuareg means Free Folk in English. They live off the land and their livestock, making their own clothes and jewellery.

Made by GEOBROTHER, This video gives more of an insight into the people.

Desert Hedgehogs

There are quite a number of various animals that live in the desert such as the Gerbils, Anubis baboons and Gazelles, but I had never heard of hedgehogs living in the desert before.

Get ready for how cute this thing is…

This hedgehog is the smallest of its kind and can be found all across parts of Africa, Egypt, Sudan, Israel and Iraq. They can live for around 10 years and have a top speed of 11 miles per hour.

Just like their cousins here in the UK, they are nocturnal and normally travel on their own.

These little hoggies are ferocious beasts! Their diet includes insects, small invertebrates, frogs, eggs of ground-nesting birds, snakes and scorpions. SCORPIONS!!!!


There ya have it! Now I am currently on holiday in South Wales UK so this was just a little something I typed up before I left as I had found it rather interesting, but I hope you all have a wonderful week. Do you have anything nice planned for your weekend?

Italian Style Pasta

Okay, so I recently saw a video on YouTube on how to make Italian only using $10. I thought it looked actually pretty decent so I gave it a go! ( I have linked the video at the bottom of the blog post).

Now what was included in the video, it can be adjusted depending on where you live. For example, I don’t live in America I live in Britain so the names of the products or the brand changed. But here is the recipe, just adjust it for yourself!



  • 500g fusilli
  • 480g jar of Lasagna creamy, white sauce
  • 480g jar of Tomato pasta sauce
  • 400-500g of Turkey mince
  • 226g of shredded mozzarella.
  • Basil
  • Parsley
  • Salt and Pepper


Start by boiling your pasta in a big pan. Then in a frying pan, start cooking your mince, sprinkle your seasoning.

Once your pasta has been fully cooked, empty into a big mixing bowl. Add the fully cooked mince and the two jars of sauce and mix it all together.

Using a spoon, spoon it all into a big glass dish and sprinkle the mozzarella on top. Whack it into the oven at 170C or 350F for 15-20 mins.

Dish up and enjoy with salad and some garlic bread!!

Original video:

Food Challenge! Italian Style

Full credit the lady on YouTube! As you can see, my instructions are slightly different but the outcome is still the same, This recipe is delicious πŸ˜‹. Let me know if you enjoy it yourself!

Finished product!

Blackpool Zoo

In July, I surprised my family and friends by a visit to the 32 acre Blackpool Zoo in the UK!

This zoo has been open since July 6th 1972. According to the official zoo history website, “Mr. Johnny Morris opens the zoo riding on an elephant accompanied by the Mayor who rides in a Rolls Royce.”

Fast forward to our day, Blackpool Zoo now houses over 1350 animals for you to see, and it was fun to wander to each of the enclosures. If you get to visit, I highly recommend it!

You do have to book in advance, but bear in mind that because of Coronavirus, “Lemur Wood and Rainbow Landings remained closed for the time being and daily animal talks and displays are still suspended but we have created a series of podcasts for visitors to listen to as they make their way around the zoo.” (COVID19 information for visitors)

To get tickets, book here. I will add, if you have a blue peter badge you can get in for free. Just book a ‘prepaid booking’ ticket.