Foil Arms & Hog – Swines show review

For those that do not know who they are, Foil Arms and Hog are an Irish comedy group over 10 years old who have performed at popular festivals such as The Edinburgh Fringe Festival, The Vodaphone Comedy festival and many more. They have appeared on many Irish TV programs too.

The group is made up of 3 members, Foil is Seán Finegan, Arms is Conor McKenna and Hog is Seán Flanagan.

Often a comedian can get old. Their jokes don’t change and they regularly rely on sexism, racism and crude comments. Foil Arms and Hog rely on none of that. They are constantly improving themselves and feed off of each other.

If you are interested in learning about the meaning behind the peculiar name, here is a link talking about it further.

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Swines Show in Cardiff

The show me and my friend attended was their 2nd to last showing of the tour in Cardiff. This show had had 3 dates in total because of COVID. When it was finally able to ahead, the date was 6.5.22. Over 2 years later than planned. Who knows what happened in those 2 years to those ticket holders!

Their last 2 showings of Swines are on the 27th and 28th May in Dublin, Ireland. The show on the 28th is in aid of Ukraine.

(A few spoilers ahead for those who haven’t yet seen it!)

Empty seats

A massive part of their show is interaction with the audience. It does not matter where you are sat, even if you do not give them eye contact, there is still a very big chance they will grab you to join in.

Well FAH used empty seats in the hall to their advantage too!


Hog made a joke that there were so many empty seats and insinuated that possibly something morbid had occured. Everybody laughed but then Foil & Arms motioned for those who wanted to move to “better” seats could do so. They meant that those sat at the back could move closer to the main stage, as there were plenty of seats available.

There was a lady called Marian who was sat with her friend in the 2nd row and they moved to the front row!! Foil pointed it out and everyone in the hall had a great laugh and joke about it. Marian wasn’t to know she was going to be the butt of so many jokes!!

Hog started to walk through the audience and stole some handbags. He even got the crowd to rate 2 handbags, putting them against each other!

Age appropriate

To attend these shows, you have to be 14+. Even then, you still need a parent or guardian over the age of 18 to attend. There was a small family of 3 sat on the left hand side of the hall and Foil spotted the youngest member of this family. He walked up to them and said hello. Asked how old she was and she said 10. He said, more to her parens, that the show is 14+ for a reason. Foil then said: “So I am going to ask you again ___, how old are you?” There was a small pause of silence before the young girl replied confidently that she was 15. The hall erupted into laughter and Hog exclaimed that she had added a year for good measure.

Marian and Sylvia

FAH like their audience to sing their theme-tune to bring them on stage. But Foil said he wasn’t going to be on stage to play conductor.

At this point, Hog and Arms are walking amongst the audience.

They picked out Marian. She kept saying no and no again. Even when pleaded with! Foil pretended to have a bit of a tantrum with Marian, almost childlike which got him rather a few laughs. She still wouldn’t do it. So they moved on after giving up with Marian.


Sylvia was sat in the middle tier and on the aisle. Foil sat on the steps and gently asked her to be the conductor. She, like Marian refused but when given lots of encouragement decided to go for it.

This was all before the show had begun! These lads had effortlessly warmed their audience up in less than 15 minutes. It takes skill to cause over 400 people to split their sides in that time.

Stage and audience presence

To talk about everything in the show would take far too long. They packed so much into what felt like 5 minutes.

Their stage presence and audience presence is phenomenal. Some comedians are too afraid to interact with their viewers. These 3 LOVE it!!! They not only involve us from our seats, but they bring us on stage with them.

Musical Men (Picture taken by me)

In the Swines show, there is a part where Hog plays a character that is 40 years plus and has run off from his parents to get married. Hog legs it into the audience and grabs Sylvia, mentioned earlier. She was very adamant she wasn’t moving so Hog let her be and grabbed a different older lady from the front row.

“You’ll do”, Hog said while the audience laughed and he ran off with this poor lady.

Later on, she appeared at the end of the show as part of the hen party!


Just a little personal note, I have watched Foil Arms and Hog for over 3 years. They never fail to make me laugh and they are just genuinely funny and lovely people.

If you would like to learn more about them, follow the links down below. Have you been to one of their shows? Which of their videos do you like on YouTube?

Check them out on the links below!


Life Update: Moving to Royal Birkdale

So me and my family have recently moved house, from the dump that St Helens was, and moved to Sunny Southport. It is why my posts haven’t been the most reliable or consistent.


We are slowly getting used to it. It is a really nice area and it feels very quiet. My dog Rollie is enjoying the new surroundings haha. He is currently curled up by my feet, desperate for a bite of my pizza. He won’t be getting any haha.

But, when we were moving here, one of our main enquires were: what is there to do in Southport?

Royal Birkdale

Sourced from:

( Visit Southport )

We live in the the area called Birkdale and as you can see in the picture above, which has been taken near the train station, it has a beautiful little centre. There are Danish Pastry shops, Butchers, a Greengrocer, flower shops and plenty of cafe’s and restaurants. Whenever we have visited the centre, which is a 5 minute walk from our house, it has always been bustling but never too loud.

There are quite a few listed buildings in Birkdale, which include this early to mid 17th century thatched roof cottage.


What is there to do in Southport?

Southport has a Marine Lake which is located on the Promanade, there you will also find Princes park and The Kings gardens. Just next to those parks, you have Victoria Park. Endless greenery.

I walked across the bridge of a weekend with some friends not that long back, and there were no rowdy groups of teenagers or gangs. We saw one or two but it was very quiet.

Botanical Gardens

If you head to Bankfield Lane you will find the botanical gardens, with the big trees. They boast a late Victorian garden with a lakeside cafe!

That is but a few of the amount of things I could list.

Have you ever been to Southport? Let me know. Take care!


Murder in the crows

Hug the tree, feel the knots leave your body.

Hear the wood creak, the wind whistle.

The leaves sway.

Walk on the forest floor,

among long ferns.

The damp, cold moss underfoot.

Shoots of green peeking through,

glimpses of the future spring yet to come.

Feel the mist creeping,

sneaking quietly.

Closing in on you, suffocating you in a blanket of cold.

Deliciously all alone, in the sea of trees.

“Am I the only one here?”,

You say to anyone.


You’re not by yourself.

The crows call to you.

Their language escaping you.

They cry out, dodging the branches as they dive down,

You look to see them, staring at you.

This is their calm. Not yours.

Suddenly, like a wave of panic,

Squawking, scrapping, feathers and claws.

The grey of the sky smeared now with black.

Murder in the air.

I wanted to write something a little differently today. I am not sure where I was going with it, but the gist of it was about stealing the calm. You walk into a calm and you start taking it when it doesn’t belong to you. It is a poem slash short story. I hope you enjoyed it haha.