A little Intro

I am interested in food. Its taste, the way it looks and the way it can make us feel. I really enjoy learning about the journey of food through tradition and customs. The history of why we eat the way we do, right down to the special place certain recipes have within our life. My little travel through food will be varied and hopefully exciting. Where should I go first?


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Talitha's Travels

I am an 20 year old blogger who loves to travel and learn!

11 thoughts on “A little Intro”

    1. I’ve juggled a lot of family issues this year, as well as travelling. However, I’ve done lots of writing so I will be blogging lots more, going forward. Keep your eyes peeled!

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  1. Hi Tilly, these are great you are a great cooker and it really seems like you think about what you write down. Your foods look fab even though i don’t like fish😅 I really love how you present it so you are great cooking and carrying on this blog😇


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