Blackpool Zoo

In July, I surprised my family and friends by a visit to the 32 acre Blackpool Zoo in the UK!

This zoo has been open since July 6th 1972. According to the official zoo history website, “Mr. Johnny Morris opens the zoo riding on an elephant accompanied by the Mayor who rides in a Rolls Royce.”

Fast forward to our day, Blackpool Zoo now houses over 1350 animals for you to see, and it was fun to wander to each of the enclosures. If you get to visit, I highly recommend it!

You do have to book in advance, but bear in mind that because of Coronavirus, “Lemur Wood and Rainbow Landings remained closed for the time being and daily animal talks and displays are still suspended but we have created a series of podcasts for visitors to listen to as they make their way around the zoo.” (COVID19 information for visitors)

To get tickets, book here. I will add, if you have a blue peter badge you can get in for free. Just book a ‘prepaid booking’ ticket.

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    1. It really is! I love seeing all the animals

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