Bristol City Centre

Bristol has got to be one of my favourite cities to visit and explore. Let me explain and show you why…

Plenty to see…

When we spent the day in Bristol, we chose to use the red top bus sightseeing tour. They took us on a big tour that took us around the city, passing sights such as:

St Nicholas Market
The Clifton Suspension Bridge

Unfortunately we didn’t go through the Zoo on this bus – they may have had a few stowaways as we were leaving haha.

St Nicholas Market


“St Nicholas Markets, also known as St Nicks Market, has Bristol’s largest collection of independent retailers. We were also named Britain’s Best Large Indoor Market in 2016.” St Nicholas Markets

In my video, I only show a small portion of the markets but i do mention a company called Eat A Pitta. I remember them from when me and my family visited a few years ago. It is no wonder they are immensely popular! You can pick no fault with the food they offer. None at all.


I have only been to the EAP in St Nicholas Markets but I am aware they have other locations around Bristol. The food is fresh, and is displayed in such a way that you are enticed in. Their team are so lovely and friendly. They also are very generous with their portions!

This company are devoted to being as Eco Friendly a possible! 99% of their packaging is compostable and 100% of the energy they use is from renewable sources. Isn’t that fantastic!

The Clifton Suspension Bridge

“The Bridge’s construction began on 21 June 1831 but work was delayed due to a lack of money. In October 1831, rioting in Bristol caused investors to lose confidence in the project which led to work on the Bridge stopping for four years.”Brunel’s SS Great Britain.

The bridge had many setbacks and was completed on December 8th 1864, 2 years after Brunel’s death in 1859. Brunel was recorded saying that this was his “first child, my darling“. For me, that makes it so sad that he never got see his baby finished. The Institute of Civil Engineers were obviously touched by this too because they were determined to complete this bridge in his memory, as a monument to his life and work. To learn more, click on this link.

Lots to see!

There are lots of things to do too if you’re not in to busy markets or heights.

Have you ever been to Bristol? What did you think of it, if you have been?

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