Radio Silence

First of all, I would like to apologise. No new content since the start of the month. Now I know that is only 20 days but to me it feels like so much longer! Let me update you as to what has prevented me from writing…

New job…

So after quite a few weeks of searching for a new job and applying for jobs all over the place, I got an interview for a job that I had really wanted! When I was accepted, I then left my job in Warrington and started new job in Southport. The team have been really welcoming and even though the pace of work is much faster, I am really enjoying it. I have now worked here nearly a month and I still feel the welcoming spirit from my new colleagues.



So unfortunately my family has been hit by the dreaded COVID and rather recently too. My Nan had it and had to isolate for nearly 2 weeks! She came to visit us once she had had 2 negatives lateral flow tests and then coincidently my mother tested negative a few days later.

That same week my mum tested positive, I was supposed to be going to the beautiful Scottish city of Edinburgh with my lovely friend Lidiya. Lots of content opportunity! However, with my mum still showing COVID symptoms we decided it was best that we postpone the holiday for a later day when both family’s were free of the virus.

Unfortunately, my mum is still quite poorly with it but I am hoping she is over the worst of it now. Day 8 and counting…


So, this is like a bad news sandwich! Good news, bad news and good news again! This time, the good news is that I am due on holiday next week in the Welsh city of Cardiff with my wonderful bestie Isabella. We plan to spend a few days there and have even planned a day trip to Bristol! I have been to Bristol before but Isabella hasn’t so we are so excited. Expect a blog post or three about this particular holiday! I cannot wait to share what we get up to!


As ever, I love seeing the support my little snippets from my adventures receive and am ever grateful for the feedback! Thank you for making me smile xx

Have you ever been to Cardiff or Bristol? If so, is there anywhere you recommend to visit?

Life Update: Moving to Royal Birkdale

So me and my family have recently moved house, from the dump that St Helens was, and moved to Sunny Southport. It is why my posts haven’t been the most reliable or consistent.


We are slowly getting used to it. It is a really nice area and it feels very quiet. My dog Rollie is enjoying the new surroundings haha. He is currently curled up by my feet, desperate for a bite of my pizza. He won’t be getting any haha.

But, when we were moving here, one of our main enquires were: what is there to do in Southport?

Royal Birkdale

Sourced from:

( Visit Southport )

We live in the the area called Birkdale and as you can see in the picture above, which has been taken near the train station, it has a beautiful little centre. There are Danish Pastry shops, Butchers, a Greengrocer, flower shops and plenty of cafe’s and restaurants. Whenever we have visited the centre, which is a 5 minute walk from our house, it has always been bustling but never too loud.

There are quite a few listed buildings in Birkdale, which include this early to mid 17th century thatched roof cottage.


What is there to do in Southport?

Southport has a Marine Lake which is located on the Promanade, there you will also find Princes park and The Kings gardens. Just next to those parks, you have Victoria Park. Endless greenery.

I walked across the bridge of a weekend with some friends not that long back, and there were no rowdy groups of teenagers or gangs. We saw one or two but it was very quiet.

Botanical Gardens

If you head to Bankfield Lane you will find the botanical gardens, with the big trees. They boast a late Victorian garden with a lakeside cafe!

That is but a few of the amount of things I could list.

Have you ever been to Southport? Let me know. Take care!