Life Update: Moving to Royal Birkdale

So me and my family have recently moved house, from the dump that St Helens was, and moved to Sunny Southport. It is why my posts haven’t been the most reliable or consistent.


We are slowly getting used to it. It is a really nice area and it feels very quiet. My dog Rollie is enjoying the new surroundings haha. He is currently curled up by my feet, desperate for a bite of my pizza. He won’t be getting any haha.

But, when we were moving here, one of our main enquires were: what is there to do in Southport?

Royal Birkdale

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( Visit Southport )

We live in the the area called Birkdale and as you can see in the picture above, which has been taken near the train station, it has a beautiful little centre. There are Danish Pastry shops, Butchers, a Greengrocer, flower shops and plenty of cafe’s and restaurants. Whenever we have visited the centre, which is a 5 minute walk from our house, it has always been bustling but never too loud.

There are quite a few listed buildings in Birkdale, which include this early to mid 17th century thatched roof cottage.


What is there to do in Southport?

Southport has a Marine Lake which is located on the Promanade, there you will also find Princes park and The Kings gardens. Just next to those parks, you have Victoria Park. Endless greenery.

I walked across the bridge of a weekend with some friends not that long back, and there were no rowdy groups of teenagers or gangs. We saw one or two but it was very quiet.

Botanical Gardens

If you head to Bankfield Lane you will find the botanical gardens, with the big trees. They boast a late Victorian garden with a lakeside cafe!

That is but a few of the amount of things I could list.

Have you ever been to Southport? Let me know. Take care!


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