Molde, Norway

So because we love this country so much, we made another trip to the beloved country of Norway when we travelled with the Cruise line, Fred Olsen.

Our first stop was the town of Molde. It is a town in Møre og Romsdal situated at the north shore of the Molde Fjord where it enjoys one of the best locations in Norway – some of the best views also!


The city of roses

Why is it called the city of roses? As it turns out, “The City of Roses” is a 100-year-old description based on the city’s many blooming, lush rose gardens. The description was initially used in 1913 as the city brand in international marketing.

When we visited in January, we could not see evidence of these roses. It was covered in thick snow and Ice!

“From mid June onwards and throughout August, Molde abound in fragrant, blooming roses. Along the main street Storgata there is a beautiful avenue of Paul’s Scarlet Hawthorns, and several roses have been planted by the shops. The town’s largest collection of roses is to be found at the Town Hall roof, but the magnificent roses in the Alexandra Park is also worth your time”Fjord Norway.

Above is a quote above about the towns link to the roses and whereabouts in the town you will find these roses, as unfortunately we didn’t get to see them. Maybe that just means I need to go back…

What is there to do in Molde?

It is in a convenient spot to visit the Atlantic Ocean road. A stunning location to view

Atlanterhavsveien, The famous bridge on the Atlantic ocean road.

It was well worth the visit, so visit a part of the norwegian coastline, at sunset with it reaching over the mountains – it was majestic!

You can also visit the Romsdal Museum in Molde centre, which gives you an insight into the traditional Norwegian way of life. With its rich culture and natural beauty, Molde is the perfect destination for those seeking a tranquil and relaxing getaway!


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