Daily writing prompt N.1

Daily writing prompt
What makes you laugh?

I laugh when someone eating icecream smears it on their nose. It means they are enjoying it. When a busy bumble bee stumbles out of a fox glove. When my dog does a big stretch and I talk to him like a baby. When I pull a push door.

When I push a pull door. When watching my parents joke with each other. When babes try to eat sand at the beach and parents try to open their iron-fist palm.

When the wind blows in the trees and I feel it rush through my hair. Seeing my friends having fun being young. Watching kites on a sunny day and picking out the ugliest of them. Seeing fat pigeons fight over the bird table. When my Nan gives me the cheeky laugh at my Mum telling her off. That same cheeky grin of my Dad when he does something he shouldn’t do. The way my Auntie Stacey laughs. My brother’s reaction to my Dad jokes, that he knows are actually funny,

When you have to undo your top button of your trousers after eating a hearty meal.

Feeling the joy of walking through a pine forest, and breathing in the smell of trees. Feeling all my anxiety leave my shoulders.

All these are good for the soul.

What makes you laugh?


One response to “Daily writing prompt N.1”

  1. My wife because she’s so witty. Kittens chasing leaves in the wind. People in Asia carrying huge piles of cargo on a moped. Eric Morecambe no matter how many times I watch the same thing. Farts (sorry but they ARE funny). Memories of my Dad telling stories in the pub. And, with apologies, people tripping over. I try not to laugh but I can’t help it….


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