Reindeer Sledding with the Sami People

3 minutes

In January 2023, we visited the village of Masi, Norwegian) or Máze (Northern Sami) or Maasi (Finnish). It is a village in Kautokeino Municipality in Troms og Finnmark county, Norway.

We we guided by the head of a Sami Family, who spoke about how he group up in Masi and how the community is a like a tight knit family.

He then took us to their compound, where his sister-in-law lived with her family. At one point, the group of us got so cold we took shelter in her house! She very kindly offered and even showed to us what her 1 year old daughter wears for special occasions. A gorgeous dress delicately made with traditional Sami designs.

The Lavvo

The ground was covered in deer skins, to act as a sort of carpet. I felt bad that I was walking such beautiful coats, but there in Norway as the guide pointed out, reindeer skins were not that hard to find…

We were given hot chocolate or coffee and then a cake traditionally made. They made a point to say that the recipe was a family secret and there was no point in asking for it.

It was interesting how warm that Lavvo was. Outside, it was roughly below -10 but inside it was fairly toasty! I am not saying it was warm enough to strip off your layers, but enough that you could relax and take your gloves off without your fingers falling off.


Sven, the antisocial reindeer

When the first group had been on their sled run, we were next! We were led to the reindeers. You were paired up in groups of two, so me and my brother were sat together, my Mum and Dad, and then my Nan was sat with a member of the group.

I asked one of the members of the Sami household if I could stroke the reindeer next to me and he said “I wouldn’t advise it.”

He proceeded to demonstrate why. When he went to stroke him, he lay on the ground as far away as he could possibly get!

Me and my brother named this reindeer Sven and we loved him!

Me and Sven!


Wanting to race

We were covered in reindeer skins to keep us warm, sat on the skins, and sat next to a walking reindeer. I was very thankful reindeer wasn’t one of the many things I am allergic to!

You could see when the procession started, that the reindeer’s just wanted to go! When they were walking you could see the strength they had in their legs and their shoulders.

It was funny, when one reindeer stopped to eat some snow, or do it’s business., it was almost like the rest of them were annoyed! You would feel them just getting ready to pull, and getting impatient. They would also poo, wee and eat snow at the same time as walking. Talk about multi-tasking!!

If you want to see more of Sven…

Please watch the video at the top of the blog post. It give a first person view of our experience! Thank you for reading


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